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As a child born in the late 80's and raised through the 90's, I was brought up with video games. I've spent countless hours with the likes of Sega, Atari and those Tiger LCD handhelds, but none captivated my interest and heart as much as Nintendo.

This blog is my love letter to the big N. My neverending purpose is to post everything related to the gaming giant loved by millions around the world. From the games, to the merchandise, the cartoons and the consoles.

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Time to call Gamespot - it’s Battletoads Time! @rareltd

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Title Screen from Dirty Harry on the NES. 

Title Screen from Dirty Harry on the NES. 

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Dr Wily and Dr Light in college!

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"Vantage", LEGO Game Boy Advance Transformer by Baron von Brunk. Check out the tutorial on Instructables to build your own!

At last, the next LEGOformer in my most popular series — Vantage, a powerful robot that transforms into a Nintendo Game Boy Advance, armed with battery blasters and parody “Boom” automatic shotgun! With a basic design much akin to my Game Boy robot Domaster, along with a refined transformation cycle similar to that of my Game Gear robot Gearhead, this new figure is very sturdy and well-articulated. My previous LEGOformers were built “organically”, as in I’d compile a ton of relevant pieces and build the robot via trial and error — whilst this particular one was my first to be almost entirely designed on the computer with LEGO Digital Designer before being physically built and tested. That being said, the 3D instructional guide was released simultaneously. What was the most challenging part? That Boom shotgun: I spent several days trying to make one that looks like an actual gun as well as having the ability to be held by the robot as a weapon. I chose Doom since that was my favorite GBA I played in high school back in 2002. My second favorite GBA game was Namco Museum!

-Baron von Brunk

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Brian De Vitis took an R2-D2-shaped cooler and transformed it into an incredibly awesome multi-console gaming system. It contains eight consoles (we can identify controllers for the X-Box, Sega Genesis, PlayStation, NES, SNES, N64, Dreamcast, and Atari systems), a sound system, and a projector.

Brian began by simply modifying the cooler to make it look more like the droid we all know and love. Then came the process of gutting his consoles and arranging their motherboards inside the droid body so that all of the controllers could plug into their corresponding inputs from the front. The projector is mounted inside of R2’s dome, just like the droid’s actual projector.

We wouldn’t be surprised if R2-D2 wishes he could play games from all of these classic systems in addition to, you know, repairing starships, other droids and conveying secret messages and plans and so on.

Click here for more photos and updates about Brian’sR2D2 Video Game Droid

[via Engadget]

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Custom Gameboy Color art. Check out this blog, amazing artwork.

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Custom Gameboy Color art. Check out this blog, amazing artwork.


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