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As a child born in the late 80's and raised through the 90's, I was brought up with video games. I've spent countless hours with the likes of Sega, Atari and those Tiger LCD handhelds, but none captivated my interest and heart as much as Nintendo.

This blog is my love letter to the big N. My neverending purpose is to post everything related to the gaming giant loved by millions around the world. From the games, to the merchandise, the cartoons and the consoles.

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What more could you ask for?
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What more could you ask for?

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N64 Gamer #30, August 2000 - Part 1 of a 12 page review for Perfect Dark. The next part is the more interesting one!

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Watching some old video game commercials and came across ads for Donkey Kong (1982) and Donkey Kong Jr. (1983) Both using footage from the Colecovision port and sporting, what I guess is the first live-action appearance of Mario!

He’s missing the famous bright blue overalls, red shirt and initialed red cap but it’s him. Mario was already established from “Jumpman” by the time Donkey Kong Jr hit so it’s gotta be him. In both commercials he sports a red bowtie, white shirt and black vest. I’m not good with hat styles but it looks like a porkpie hat. The only thing that really makes him “Mario” is the thick black mustache blanketing his whole upper lip that resembles a push broom. He speaks in both commercials, he has a cool 80’s New Yorker accent that suits him pretty well. Mario was a hip guy back in those days, chilling with Pauline, playing his brand new Colecovision on his floor model TV, leaving his apartment windows wide open so Donkey Kong could just bust in any time he felt like it. What a time to be alive.

Watch the Donkey Kong commercial and the Donkey Kong Jr. commercial.

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So I just got back from seeing the new Ninja Turtles movie. Shredder actually says this line. Word for word.

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Bill and Ted’s Excellent Video Game Adventure on the Nintendo Entertainment System.



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Screenshot from Batman: Return of the Joker on the Nintendo Entertainment System.
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Screenshot from Batman: Return of the Joker on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

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Screens from Super Mario Advance (Super Mario Bros. 2) for the Game Boy Advance.

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In 1989, Ace Novelty Company Inc. made a series of lapel pins featuring various Nintendo characters and a few of them have made their way to The Legend of Zelda logo pin is missing it’s box, but these are still a great collector’s item for any serious Nintendo fan.

[source for unboxed pin images]

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Screens from Super Castlevania IV on the Super Nintendo. 

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Screenshot from Demon’s Crest on the Super Nintendo.
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Screenshot from Demon’s Crest on the Super Nintendo.

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